MOVE Guides Announces First Quarterly Free White Paper

free white paper

As the year moves to a close, we at MOVE Guides are already preparing for 2013. We are pleased to announce that in mid-January, we will be releasing the first of many upcoming quarterly Global Mobility White Papers. The first, entitled Gen Y and Global Mobility, will look at the changing demographics of the workforce and the challenges and opportunities this brings to multinational organisations and HR and global mobility departments.  We’ll share data from our recent survey on global relocation and moving abroad conducted with Gen Y and millenial professionals in the US and UK, and present insights drawn from data, interviews and observations of MOVE Guides customers.  Until then, we’ve offered a sneak peek below!

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  1. Hannah CS

    Saw this whitepaper via Twitter!

    This is a subject of interest for me and have even propped up a personal-professional blog about it since my move from Australia to London at http://generationyexpat.wordpress.com

    Will be sharing this whitepaper in my blog and if you are looking for contributors do get in touch!


  2. Christian Kurz

    We found similar attitudes in our @VIMNinsights research The Next Normal (http://blog.viacom.com/2012/11/the-next-normal-an-unprecedented-look-at-millennials-worldwide/) across 24 countries.
    The 93% number strikes me as rather high though – which country/ies is that?